Giving to IDPs

Two camps were identified at the beginning of the year one in Pegi Village in Kuje area council and another in Fuka village in Kwali area council of the FCT.

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22 children in school

Of the many identified needs education for 22 children was prioritized. AHAF in January supported the re-enrolment…

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Shelter to 20 households

AHAF supported each of the 20 families with funds each to pay for the rent. “This support has gone a long way to helping…”

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“I was given the tablet with the Jesus Film in the first quarter of the year, the day I got it, I decided to put it to use. I live in a government owned housing estate in Maiduguri where the majority of the occupants are Muslims. Also I have some Kanuri Muslims friends whom my wife invites to our house for dinner. Whenever they come, we will eat and then sit down to discuss different issues of life.

On the day I got the tablet, my wife invited them for dinner and 5 of them came, but this time it wasn’t just the usual dinner, I had planned to show them the Jesus Film in Kanuri. As they watched the film, they were amazed that there is a film like that in their language. They said they have never seen such a film in their life time.

When we finished watching the film, they left to their houses, but two out of the five came back ‘Nicodemusly’ (secretly) and told me that they want to receive Jesus Christ because of what they have seen and heard in the film. But that they are afraid of losing their lives, their families and everything they owned, because they know that their people will not spare them if they found out. They will kill them. My plan is to continue meeting with them and study the Bible with them until they came to point of conviction and understand that to follow Jesus, they will have to take up their cross.”



Next Steps…

AHAF desires to continue the work of healing the wounds of displaced and vulnerable persons who are resident in Northern Nigeria.

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