Easter Fun Fare at Destiny Home Orphanage, Jos.

In its bid to be of support to the displaced, vulnerable people, AHAF volunteers planned an Easter fun fare visit to Kingdom Heritage Orphanage Home. The outreach was an idea pushed by one of AHAF volunteer to use to thank God for His blessings in his life. AHAF volunteers strategized how to achieve this task, including raising the funds to support the outreach. A letter was written to the Home to notify them of the planned visit and its aims which the Home management acknowledged and informed the team that the Home will be expecting the visit. The team then went into preparations for the visit raising their finances and procuring the needed stuff for the visit.

Our objectives were:

  • To show a heart of thanks to God.
  • To show love and support to the home.
  • A way of challenging volunteers to do more than expected of them.

Outcome of the Easter fan fare

The activity was a game changer for AHAF volunteers to have challenged them to this task. Thou it was engineered by one volunteer that planned it as a thanks giving. The warm reception, respect from the children & staff showed how coordinated they are and a lesson that with good management and coordination, a team will achieve more.

On the whole...

...such meetings and activity will help AHAF in growing and meeting up with its vision and mission of its organization. Creating impact in all they have been doing in its hands of hope and human development.

What AHAF has been doing

Agape Humanitarian Aid Foundation (AHAF) has been working towards improving the lives of vulnerable communities and particularly those ravaged by the Boko Haram insurgency.

Similarly, AHAF appreciates partnership in our desire to support these displaced persons and other vulnerable groups and communities.